JMR can refresh, redesign or create a new logo for your business. A great logo should be modern, fresh and can also symbolise what your business does. Simple yet effective logos with no fuss are what we specialise in.

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Your business logo design should stand apart from others in the market place and be instantly recognisable by your potential customers. Avoiding using the generic, frequently used logo designs or icons is a great way to do this. While your logo should indicate what makes your business unique, it doesn’t necessarily have to illustrate the product or service you provide. The skilled use of high quality, current fonts and correct use of typography can also help your brand look exclusive, while adding integrity to the design.


Powerful logo designs rely on clean lines and clarity. It is important that a logo design should stand alone in the market and be easily recognised when presented in both black and white formats as well as multicolours over a variety of platforms. There is no need to add superfluous wording or effects to a logo design as it can deter your potential market audience from your iconic imagery and degrade the design.


A solid logo must work well across various media. If your brand logo is designed with a variety of media in mind it is imperative that it will work equally as well when presented on your website or presented on vehicle signage or your business cards and stationary. Essentially your logo should be tested for every media platform on which it could be used so that you can avoid unreadable text or the filling in of icons due to incorrect sizing. If your logo doesn’t work well across the various platforms this could could reflect poorly on your company image.

Enduring Design

A great logo design needs to resonate with users on first glance for it to truly be memorable. Having brand recognition among audiences will help build familiarity and increase both your brand’s trust and credibility in the marketplace. Using a great design in tandem with great marketing will help your brand create relevant associations with your business among audiences and also make your brand a serious competitor in your industry’s marketplace.

Explaining the Logo

Even though your logo design doesn’t have to directly show your products or what your company provides, it should reflect something about your company’s values or culture. Preferably your company’s culture echoes with the thoughts or beliefs of your target audience. Understanding and determining your objective audience should succeed in being able to design and produce an effective and appropriate logo for your brand that resonates with your audience and helps add acceptance to your business. Part of creating an interesting logo is choosing an appropriate colour that helps entreat the emotions you want from your target audience.


While a well-designed company logo does not have to reflect exactly what your company does, it should be an educational experience for your audience. Looking at your logo should help audiences to understand what your brand is about either by conveying what you do, what your company culture is like, or by making it clear what your company does for your consumers.

Tomorrow’s Logo

The best logo designs will represent your business for years to come and will retain its original identity even if the logo is streamlined in future years. Many typefaces whilst funky today can look extremely dated as the years progress. Ensure you avoid logos that reference a current cultural trend as they will begin to become less effective as time progresses.